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December 14, 2012
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Title: Hiding the truth… part 2
Author: becky016
Rating: PG
Warnings: None (I think)
Summary: Now that Charlotte knows the reason for her bizarre body changes, it’s just all the matter on revealing the truth to Raphael, before it gets out of hand.
Disclaimer: I do not own TMNT

Nearly 3 months had past now and Charlotte still hadn’t told anyone about the pregnancy.

Now she wished she had.  
Her stomach was becoming a lot rounder and she hadn’t trained or gone topside for at least a month, she was afraid that it may put her unborn child at risk. Overall it was becoming a lot harder to hide.

Charlotte was in her room, glancing at her reflection in the mirror if she turned to the side, her bump was easily noticeable. Even though this was completely new and scary, she couldn’t help but feel a little excited by the whole experience, and at the fact that she would be a mother.
She always figured that when she was mutated she wouldn’t get the chance to have children. But with Raphael it was bound to happen someday, how things have changed.

“Hey C! April and Casey are ‘ere! Come down would ya!” Raph called out, startling her.
“Coming!” Charlotte grabbed her woolly cardigan, placed it on and zipped it up. It wasn’t the best of her wardrobe but it was perfect for hiding her secret.

Making her way down the stairs, she could see everyone huddled around Casey and April.
“Hey, what are ya wearin’ that for?” Raph asked planting a kiss on his girlfriend’s cheek.
“I’m just feeling a little cold..” she smiled, then she felt herself being pulled even closer towards Raph, placing her in a tight embrace.

Charlotte tried her best to leave enough space between the two so Raph wouldn’t come across her stomach.
“Well ya know, I could think of somethin’ that would warm us both up” it was all too easy what Raph had in mind, it was what got her in this position in the first place.

Charlotte placed her fingers over his lips hoping to control the horny male before her.
“Maybe some other time I… still don’t feel a hundred per cent” she explained.
“Jeez, ya still throwin’ up? Maybe its somthin’ ya keep eating” Raph could tell that it had been a while since they had spent some ‘quality time’ together. He had also noticed her various trips to and from the bathroom in the middle of the night.

He was defiantly catching on, so now was the time.
“Raph I have to tell you… I’m…”
“HEY! WHAT ARE YOU TWO TALKING ABOUT?! ARE YOU BEING ALL GROSS AND LOVEY DOVEY?! TELLME! TELLME! TELLME!” why of all times did Mikey have to interrupt, Charlotte thought. Raph gave a quick smack around his brother’s head.

Casey waved towards the pair encouraging them to come over. Raph took Charlotte’s hand into his and pulled her over into the group.
“Raph I really need to say something…”
“It’s okay you can tell me later” he said.
“Yeah… later…” Charlotte bit her lip knowing that later wasn’t good enough.

Meanwhile everyone was curious as to why April wasn’t getting any bigger.
“Are you sure you’re 12 weeks April you look pretty thin…” Don pointed out.
“Maybe the baby isn’t growing as well as it should” Mia popped from behind about to reach out and touch April’s stomach.

The human backed away from each of them, hoping to get some space.
“Ya know babe Donnie’s probably right, maybe you should get tested just to be sure” Casey said, his arm wrapped over her shoulder concerned for her welfare.
“Oh no really I…” April was in trouble she was fed up with lie after lie and her glances at Charlotte screamed out, that it was time to confess.
“Come on! Donnie will get the lab set up and we’ll go in with you” Julie said taking her arm.
“Nothing like your girl-friends there for support!” Mia smiled taking the other.
“Girls really I…” pretty soon everyone closed in on her, telling her what she should do, what she shouldn’t do.

Enough was enough.

“Let her go!” Charlotte yelled from the mob as she presented herself before all of them. Taking a few deep breaths, this charade could no longer go on.
“April… is not pregnant…” Charlotte sighed, looks of shock and bewilderment echoed around the room. Raph pushed his way through the crowd his face was a muddle of surprise and confusion. Wondering why Charlotte would say such a thing.

By this point Charlotte knew what she was letting herself in for, then again if she wasn’t going to confess now she might never be able to. Eventually her brain managed to function up the words she needed to say.
“Because… I am…” she couldn’t bear to look at any of them in the eye, especially Raph.
“April was going to read the pregnancy test for me because… I was too nervous to look at it myself…” her face lifted to face Casey.
“Then you guys walked in and… that’s how it ended up like this…” that’s it, she confessed.

The whole lair was quiet, only the slight echo’s from the infant playing was obvious.

April was relieved yet nervy about what everyone thought.
“Oooooh… I guess, that explains why April’s still thin” Mikey said Robyn took it upon herself to give him a firm whack across his head once more.
“Not now Mikey” she whispered.
“Babe… is this true?” Casey looked April dead in the eye, praying that it was just a hoax April took Casey’s hands into her own.
“Yeah… it is” Casey didn’t know how to feel, pulling out of her grip, he turned away and left the lair, leaving a very guilty April alone with their son.

Zack was rolling his cars on the mat making various honking and skidding sounds, unaware as to what was going on between his parents. Mia turned to the toddler and picked him up from the floor she then brought him over to April.
“You okay?” she asked. April’s eyes had filled already filled up with tears, the fact was Casey was upset with her, and she didn’t know if he would forgive her.
“Mama!” seeing his mother so close Zack held out his arms wanting a cuddle. April took him and gave an unconvincing smile towards the others letting them know that it was time for them to leave also.

Zack waved to each of them nuzzling against his mother’s shoulders. Once they disappeared in the lift all eyes turned back to Charlotte.
“Sooo…. Are you gonna keep it?!” Mikey asked out the blue.
“Mikey! Really…” Mia yelled as this wasn’t the time nor place. Leonardo looked at his younger brother, thinking he would throw a tantrum at the news.

Raph and Charlotte just stood there, afraid to speak in case it would make matters worse.
“Maybe it is best if we leave you two alone…” Leo stated, as each of the remaining turtles, went to take their leave.
“Don’t bother…” Raph whined as he took it upon himself to go topside, right now he didn’t want to talk to anyone.

Charlotte still trying to keep her pregnancy hidden, finds it to hard to bare on her own. She confesses only to face the harsh reality of keeping a secret that big. Warnings: none that I can think of. Once I've finished the new image for this I'll upload it.

It should be noted that Raph calls Charlotte "C" it just sounds better for his character.
Comments will be most appreciated

Part 1: [link]
Part 2: Your reading it!
Part 3: [link]

Charlotte, Mia, Julie and Robyn - Mine

TMNT - Eastman and Laird (Mirage Studios/Nickleodeon)
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